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Christmas tree disposal made easy

Sebastian Verweyen

Ah, Christmas! That time of year when we all feel a bit like the elves in Santa's toy shop. But let's face it - the real star of the show is the Christmas tree. It stands magnificently in the living room, decorated with baubles, lights and all the shiny things we've collected over the years. But what happens when the lights go out and the tree looks more like, well, a dried-up dust trap? Welcome to the ultimate guide to Christmas tree disposal, with a wink of course!

The big dismantling – The tree has done its job

It starts like every epic adventure: with a plan. Before you get the axe out of the shed, here are a few tips on how to send your tree to the eternal Christmas forests with dignity and without chaos.

Tip 1: The Big Striptease

First of all – take down the decorations! Your tree should not look like it has just had a wild party. Put away all the baubles, fairy lights and tinsel neatly. Here comes the first important point: order is half the battle , especially after Christmas. You don't want the fairy lights to look like they lost a wrestling match with the tinsel next year.

Tip 2: The tree winder

It sounds like a superheroic performance, but it's actually a genius trick: cover the floor under your tree with an old sheet. Why? Because that way you can avoid all the needles that would otherwise try to nest in your carpet. Just lay the tree on top, wrap it up and hey presto - needles are kept at bay! This is the Christmas tree burrito at its best.

Tip 3: Where to put the needle monster?

Now that your tree is safely packed, the question is: where should you put it? Many cities offer special collection points for Christmas trees. Just check your local disposal plan. And if you're really creative: how about a DIY project? You can make great things out of old trees - from bird feeders to rustic pieces of furniture. Upcycling is the magic word!

Keeping the Christmas spirit – order is half the battle

Well, the tree is gone, but your living room looks like Santa himself just threw a polonaise. Don't worry, here are a few tips for post-Christmas cleanup fun .

Tip 1: The vacuum cleaner marathon

Your vacuum cleaner will become your best friend. These needles are stubborn, but not invincible. Be thorough and remember: always vacuum in the direction of the carpet pattern - it makes all the difference!

Tip 2: The decoration treasure chest

All of these beautiful decorations need to be stored safely. Invest in good storage boxes. Label them so that next year you don't get lost in the madness of searching for "Where is that one special ball?"

Tip 3: One last hurrah

End the year with a proper cleaning marathon. Make a list and work through it systematically. Then reward yourself with something nice - perhaps a cozy evening on the couch with a good film and the leftover Christmas cookies.


Disposing of the Christmas tree doesn't have to be a nightmare after the holidays. With a little planning, humor and these tips, this task can be a fun experience. And remember: every tree deserves a dignified farewell - even if it ends up in the organic waste bin as a needle monster.

So, get to work and make the most of it! Happy post-Christmas season and have fun disposing of rubbish!

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