Die (nicht ganz so) ernste Geschichte des Weihnachtsbaums

The (not so) serious history of the Christmas tree

Sebastian Verweyen

A festive adventure

Today we're taking you on a journey through the wild and twisted history of the Christmas tree. We promise: It will be at least as entertaining as a cat trying to catch a Christmas tree bauble. So buckle up, it's going to be Christmassy!

A tree for all occasions

Let's jump back a few centuries, to the deepest Middle Ages. Back then, the Christmas tree was not yet the glittering centerpiece of our living rooms, but rather a green hope in dark times. The Germanic people, those clever guys, decorated fir trees to celebrate the winter solstice. They thought: "Hey, if the trees stay evergreen, why shouldn't we celebrate that too?" So fir trees were decorated with apples and nuts - the first step to the Christmas tree as we know it today.

Consecrated by the Church... or not

Then came Christianity and with it Saint Boniface. This guy was a real party crasher: he cut down the sacred oaks of the Germanic tribes and declared the Christmas tree to be the new symbol of Christianity. But for a long time the church was not in agreement as to whether this was really a divine idea. So the next time you put up your tree, remember: it has a rebellious past!

The trip to Germany

Fast forward to the 16th century. The Germans, pioneers of Christmas decorations, popularized the Christmas tree. Thanks to Martin Luther, the legendary reformer, who is said to have decorated the first tree with candles. Yes, you heard right, candles! A glorious but also highly dangerous idea. And so the Christmas tree became the shining star of the Christmas celebrations.

A royal import

And then came the big, royal Christmas tree show! In the 19th century, Prince Albert, the husband of Queen Victoria, brought the German tradition to England. The British were blown away, and soon the Americans and the whole world followed. Suddenly Christmas trees were everywhere, and the competition for the best decorations could begin!

Modern Times: Of Bullets and Cats

Nowadays, Christmas trees are an indispensable part of our living rooms. We decorate them with everything that glitters and shines: baubles, fairy lights and stars. And who could forget the real heroes of Christmas decorations? That's right, our furry friends, the cats, who see the tree as their personal playground paradise. But don't worry, we have all developed our strategies to minimize tree disasters - or at least we try to do so every year.

The meaning of the Christmas tree

So why all the effort? The Christmas tree symbolizes hope, joy and community. It brings us together, gives us pause and reminds us that even in the darkest of times, light and life exist. So whether you decorate your tree minimalistically or maximalistically, it is and will remain the centerpiece of our festive celebrations.

Where does the tradition of the Christmas tree come from?

In summary: The tradition of the Christmas tree has a long and varied history. From the Germanic tribes to the Christians to the royal family - everyone has played their part in making our beloved Christmas tree what it is today.

So, folks, when you put up your tree this year, remember: you are part of a long tradition full of stories, splendor and... a little chaos. Merry Christmas and may your tree always shine, however you decorate it!

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