Nadel Journal 11/12 2023

Needle Journal | Issue 11/12 2023

Sebastian Verweyen

An exciting day!

On September 9th, 2023 we experienced a groundbreaking moment as exhibitors at the 28th International Christmas Tree Exchange in Eslohe Reiste. Our first-time participation was not only honored by enthusiastic visitors, but was also mentioned in Nadel-Journal, issue 11/12 2023 .

treemova - the Christmas tree cover that can do more! An innovative approach to sustainable Christmas tree transport

As an up-and-coming start-up, our goal is to bring a breath of fresh air to tried and tested traditions. Our jute transport cover, presented for the first time at the exchange, is an environmentally friendly alternative for Christmas tree lovers. In sizes up to 200 and 240 centimeters, it not only offers sustainable transport, but also a practical and stylish companion for the festive season in the form of a Christmas tree blanket.

Mention in the Nadel-Journal: A springboard for treemova

Being mentioned in the renowned Nadel-Journal is an honor for an up-and-coming start-up like treemova. It shows that our pursuit of sustainability and innovation is recognized not only at a local level, but also at an industry-wide level. Participation in the Christmas tree exchange was not only an opportunity for us to present our jute transport cover, but also a platform to be recognized as a start-up. The journey has just begun.

"But the Cologne-based company Treemova attracted particular attention. For the first time at the stock exchange, the start-up company presented a reusable transport cover for Christmas trees made of jute. These are available in sizes up to 200 and 240 centimeters. Managing director Sebastian Verweyen said Take the time to give these jute covers as a gift. As a Christmas tree lover, he developed the cover. Because: "They are intended for the needle-free and clean transport of the tree into the apartment and out of it again without needles." "

Needle Journal; Issue 11/12 2023

More information at Needle Journal

Merry Christmas in advance!

What is the International Christmas Tree Exchange?

The IWBB is an annual highlight for Christmas tree producers, retailers and everyone who focuses on the tree. Over 60 exhibitors from four nations presented themselves at the 28th IWBB in Eslohe-Reiste in the Sauerland region. The trade fair was an excellent opportunity to meet professionals from all over Europe, exchange ideas and of course find out about our product launch.

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