Earth Overshoot Day - let's #movethedate

Earth Overshoot Day - let's #movethedate

Sebastian Verweyen

We only have one earth and it is our responsibility to protect it.

Earth Overshoot Day is the day when humanity has used up all the natural resources that the earth can regenerate in a year.

In 2021, that day was July 29 - meaning that this year, in less than 8 months, humanity has used up as many resources as the earth can renew in a year. Today is May 4th, 2023 and we have already reached our Overshoot Day in Germany. This is unsustainable and has long-term consequences for our planet and ourselves.

Each of us can contribute , be it by reducing the ecological footprint, supporting sustainable companies or engaging in environmental protection. Educate yourself and share your knowledge to create greater awareness of sustainability. Together we can protect our planet and make the world a little bit better.

As early as the product development process, our goal was not only to produce a high-quality product , but also to pay attention to sustainability .

During development, materials were selected that are environmentally friendly and durable . We make sure that the materials used come from sustainable sources and are recyclable . Sustainability is also taken into account in the packaging, for example by using recyclable materials.

The result shows that sustainability and quality are not mutually exclusive.


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