Bild: Abgeordneter - Klaus Kaiser (CDU), Bürgermeister - Stephan Kersting (CDU), Christbaumkönigin - Sophia Adlberger


Sebastian Verweyen

Hello everyone,

I am very pleased to report to you today about our successful participation in the 28th International Christmas Tree Exchange in Eslohe on September 9th, 2023. This event was undoubtedly a highlight of our annual calendar and opened up many great opportunities for us. Here is a look back at our experiences and successes during the trade fair.

The unveiling of our sustainable solution for needle-free transport and disposal of the Christmas tree

Our stand at the trade fair was the place where we presented our innovation: The Christmas tree transport cover - an innovative, sustainable solution for the needle-free transport of Christmas trees. This transport cover was designed to make buying a Christmas tree more environmentally friendly and convenient:

  1. It replaces conventional plastic packaging and thereby protects our nature and resources.
  2. It can also be used as a decorative Christmas tree cover over Christmas and also covers the Christmas tree stand.
  3. After Christmas, removing the dried and needled Christmas tree is no longer a problem. The tree is easily packed in one go and can be transported away without any needles. Everything stays clean!

Enthusiastic feedback and great interest

We were deeply pleased and encouraged by the feedback and interest we received at the trade fair for our needle-free solution. Many Christmas tree sellers and industry professionals were enthusiastic about our idea. They appreciated not only the environmental friendliness, but also the practicality and ease of use of our transport cover.

The conversations we had at the trade fair were incredibly inspiring. We received valuable insights and suggestions on how we can further improve our transport cover. It was great to see people who share the same passion for Christmas trees get excited about our product.

Thanks to the team behind our success

Our success at the trade fair would have been unthinkable without our dedicated team. From idea to market, the team has worked hard to ensure that our Christmas tree transport cover is not only functional but also environmentally friendly. This day at the trade fair was the reward for all the effort and the key to the future of our sustainable solution.

A big thank you also goes to the organizers of the International Christmas Tree Exchange in Eslohe, Rohrmoser & Sohn GmbH, who made a great event possible.

Our conclusion

Our participation in the International Christmas Tree Fair in Eslohe was a big step in our journey to promote sustainable Christmas traditions. The positive feedback and the new collaborations have confirmed that we are on the right path. We are committed to continuing to develop innovative and environmentally friendly solutions for the holiday season.

Thank you to everyone who joins us on this journey and to our customers and supporters who support us in our mission. We are looking forward to the upcoming Christmas fairs and to convincing even more people of the importance of sustainable Christmas trees

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Image: Member of Parliament - Klaus Kaiser (CDU), Mayor - Stephan Kersting (CDU), Christmas Tree Queen - Sophia Adlberger

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