nadelnder Weihnachtsbaum

Every year the tree has to come out.

Sebastian Verweyen

Every year the same challenge, the tree has to come out again. But how?

Needle Christmas tree

The holidays are over and the festive mood is fading . But what remains is the Christmas tree , which now has to be disposed of. But what is the best way to dispose of it?

One of the biggest problems when it comes to removing your Christmas tree is needling . Needles can be stubborn and hide in every corner of the house, which can lead to tedious and time-consuming cleaning . The fact that the tree is dry and the branches are bulky makes it even more complicated .

To minimize the problem, there are some tips that you can Google. Tried them all and the result:

In the end the tree is outside but our home is still full of needles, but a new stripe on the walls in the hallway and thanks to the needles on the sidewalk, every neighbor knows which house the tree originally came from.

So tidy up, sweep, vacuum and clean, like every year!

BUT why isn't there a simple and smart solution that can be used to needle-free our home and transport it to the street without leaving marks on walls and doors ?

We tinkered, tried out, optimized and successfully tested our idea with family and friends until it was ready for the market.

The solution is a Christmas tree transport cover!

Experience the perfect combination of function and sustainable design - easy to use included!

Do you love Christmas as much as we do? Isn't disposing of and cleaning your highlight of Christmas?

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